Upcoming improvements


To make sure we have the best possible park for your stay on occasion some works and disturbance may occur.

During these times we will ┬áminimise disruption as much as possible and allocate to sites accordingly for everyone’s comfort.

All scheduled works are weather dependent which may affect planned dates. If you have any questions about any upcoming works and your stay, please contact our friendly front office team.

Sites 410 - 417

Monday 19th April through to Thursday 10th June 2021 inclusive


Sites 101 - 105

Monday 14th June through to Monday 26th July 2021 inclusive

New soft fall floor to be installed

Monday 19th April through to Friday 23rd April 2021 inclusive

All pathways and paved areas surrounding the main Amenities building will be cleaned and painted with a new sealing surface.

Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th April

Two sick trees to be looped, removed and stump grinded. Crane and chipper will be used on the day so some areas will be closed periodically for safety concerns.

Tuesday 4th May

Site 403 & Playground

Entrance and driveway area to the park to be re done

Dates to be confirmed